1 black cat

1 heart of bats

1 iroko seed

1 crate with iroko wood

1 complete bird that stays on the way in the night (I do not know his name in French)

1 wanted bank note

1 chameleon egg

201 leaves Senecio abyssinicus

1 otter skull.

Preparation: A Thursday night at 1am, kill the cat, remove the head and put the banknote in his mouth (throw the rest).

Go to a crossroads and make 2 piles of sand and put the cat’s head in one. The 7th day at 1am, go remove the head, you will see it in the 2nd pile of sand.

Arrived at home, in the same night, burn all things. Make as many talismans with this powder. Drop a talisman with a signed ticket in the crate. Use: Expense this ticket. At night, he returns with all the money he is with.

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