Secret to multiply a sum by 2. Look for:

1 gourd with lid bought without debate,

1 scavenger head,

1 owl’s head (owl to ear),

1 whole coucal bird,

201 sheet of viscum album,

201 leaves of Ficus umbelleta,

41 leaves of Mirabilis jalapa,

1 skull of a black cat,

1 complete skull of palm kernel caught with trap and whose food is in his mouth,

2 pigeons from the same nest,

2 eggs of a hen all black.

Preparation: calcine all ingredients including pigeons. Pour all the black powder into the calabash.

Use: At 2 o’clock in the morning, put the sum you need on the powder in the calebsse then close. The next day after sunrise open, you will see double the amount of money. No sacrifice, consequence or totem.

NB: This is the scientific name of the plants (leaves) that I gave. I am ready to provide you with all the information you need.

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